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12 Tips to Achieve your Life Goals – Ah Ha Moment

  • Make Goals realistic: In the past, I have always chosen huge macro changes that were frankly intimidating. This was a huge mistake. Once you understand what goals needs conquering, it’s important to reduce them to their lowest level by defining the smaller elements. By chopping large tasks into a series of smaller ones, you will be encouraged to continue. As you complete each mini-task, your mental “yes I can do it” factor will rise exponentially. It is critical to keep positive motivation and reinforcement. By reducing obstacles to their lowest level, you will not be overwhelmed.
  • As I was thinking about it – I had some goals I put together for this new year ahead using Tomboy Notes (http://goo.gl/aEwo) , and I realized to break it down to it’s most basic levels I should use the ability of Tomboy to Link to New Notes – Which would mean making each of my goals a separate note, so that in each I can understand the depth that is needed to really make those goals or those objectives, work for the new year ahead.

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