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OBESITY IN CATS… Some Solutions to Implement Today.


Many cats are fed “free choice”, which means there is food available all the time and the cat eats whenever it wants. (Pretty unnatural for a true carnivore that evolved as a hunting machine!) Free choice feeding has probably been the biggest single factor contributing to feline obesity.

It is truly remarkable, how often such things are missed, that our pets are also affected by our own habits, by old ideas that no longer stand the test of time.

I had got to thinking about this, after watching Garfield (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0356634/), but more specifically because our cat Marcy was diagnosed as overweight, certainly she is a big cat; as you can see in the slideshow above. Yet even a big cat who is not as active as she should be, who follows the similar idea that we do, in living life lazily.

And apparently that is not so different today, over multiple breeds and cat households, whereby our own habits effect our pets just as they affect us, and our challenges with Obesity, in this Sedentary Life we have become accustomed too.

To make a difference, with this New Year 2010, why not set resolutions for your pets also? They have as much right as you do, to live their best life, and being overweight is not helpful, but doing more exercise, riding a bike, taking walks. More specifically with cats why not set time aside Monday through Sunday to play with them, give them a chance to get some exercise too. Just to be fair after you play why not take a walk, go for a bike ride, doing something that will begin a new habit, a new process of growth.

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